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Are you feeling frazzled at the thought of piano lessons, not sure if practise is something that will fit in your schedule? 


Are any of these thoughts bouncing around in the back of your head … ?

I’m not musical— - why am I even thinking about piano lessons?

We don’t  have a piano!

What if my child hates it? 

Do I have time for this … .?

How will I know what is happening in lessons?

Now you can be confident practising with your child at home-

AND enjoying the musical journey together as a family!

You’ll be able to ...


… notice your child develop increased focus and ability to problem solve.

… see your child learn grit and self-discipline through piano practise.

… play and enjoy the piano for fun (plus able to accompany at family get-togethers or community events).

… learn piano WITH your child the first 2-3 years so you can be the home teacher.

… enjoy your teen playing the piano as a means of stress relief and self-expression! 

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