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Are you feeling frazzled at the thought of piano lessons, not sure if practise is something that will fit in your schedule? 


Are any of these thoughts bouncing around in the back of your head … ?

I’m not musical— - why am I even thinking about piano lessons?

We don’t  have a piano!

What if my child hates it? 

Do I have time for this … .?

How will I know what is happening in lessons?

Now you can be confident practising with your child at home-

AND enjoying the musical journey together as a family!

You’ll be able to ...


… notice your child develop increased focus and ability to problem solve.

… see your child learn grit and self-discipline through piano practise.

… play and enjoy the piano for fun (plus able to accompany at family get-togethers or community events).

… learn piano WITH your child the first 2-3 years so you can be the home teacher.

… enjoy your teen playing the piano as a means of stress relief and self-expression! 

“The fact that children can make beautiful music is less significant than the fact that music can make beautiful children.”  ~ Cheryl Lavender

My commitment to you: to inspire and educate you and your child
(or teen!) and teach to their abilities, nurturing a life-long love of making and appreciating music!
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Here’s what you get when your child takes lessons:


  • Private lessons, so your child has that one-on-one with me, and I can personalize my teaching to suit your child’s strengths and weaknesses.

  • Parent inclusion in lessons—forget feeling clueless as to how to help your child at home … with me, your investment is that much more valuable!

  • Group lessons (4 per year), so your child feels a part of the piano community, learning and growing through watching others perform, and learning music history too! 

  • Exam and festival preparation—working towards high school credit or university entrance? I’ll make sure you’re set!

  • Multiple recitals and performance opportunities, to help develop self-esteem and confidence, as well as to share their gift with others!


Plus :

 Open door policy for all parents and personal support every step of the way!




You also get the intangibles and soft skills we all want for our kids :


Patience- Learning the piano takes time (allow about 10 years or so), and is not in the “instant gratification” category!

Improved cognitive development- 10 fingers, 2 hands, both eyes, both ears= pathways in the brain that make learning math, science, language and speech easier.

Appreciation for the arts and culture- Kids are exposed to music from other cultures, helping develop acceptance of others.

Learning to fail safely- Learning piano helps kids to take criticism and develops grit. Mistakes are a part of learning!

Boost in self-esteem- What teen doesn’t enjoy seeing a piano, walking over and playing a riff or a piece they’re working on?? 

How Does This Work? 


Register here- fill in the online form and I will get back to you within 48 hours!

Lessons are now available online! 


I will schedule a free interview with you and your child to make sure we are a good fit, are on the same page, and discuss policy and times available.


Once you are accepted and registration fee received, you will receive a welcome letter with the books you need to purchase and your invoice- and we’re ready to start!

What People are Saying

Her studio differs from many others in how much she involves the parents, checks in with them, and provides training for parents to be a better support to their child at home.

R. Gulbranson, mom, Vanderhoof

Swan has taught my three children piano through the course of the last nine years. I have been very happy with the well-balanced musical education they have received. I have appreciated the solid technical base that she established early on in their studies.

K. Schlamp, mom, Vanderhoof

Swan’s studio environment is a place of respect and pure love and joy for learning music. My son felt appreciated as a person who had the ability to learn music and have a love for it at the same time. My son was always met at the level he was at and gently guided towards reaching his potential.

T. Friesen, mom, Vanderhoof

Interested?  For Tuition & Studio Policy, click buttons below! I would love to meet you!

And Just Who Am I?

Growing Musicians- step by step & note by note

Swan Kiezebrink (Mrs. K to my students!) is a piano and theory teacher for kids and families in the Vanderhoof area, looking to give their child a well-rounded and classical piano education, who value parental involvement and understand that to give a child a skill is to give them a tool AND invest in their character development -and something they can enjoy and use their entire lives! 


My students have accomplished great things, every one of them! From graduating from the studio to pursue a music degree, or competing at Provincials, or having the tools and self-confidence to accompany for events and play for fun and relaxation, or having a deep appreciation for the arts and performance- or even just those soft skills of grit, problem-solving and empathy (which can never be underestimated in the workforce!). All my students come away with something to share and keep for life!


I have a three-year diploma in Piano and Piano Pedagogy (voice and cello as well); I studied advanced Piano Pedagogy with Dr. Lillian Upright of University of Alberta in Edmonton and am a certified Advanced Specialist for the Piano through The Royal Conservatory of Music; I also did training for the Suzuki Method of learning piano through Dr. Merlin Thomson of Mount Royal University in Calgary through Level 4, and I did my early childhood music training and certification for Musikgarten for Toddlers and Preschool-aged children. I have taught piano for 30 years, and am a devoted teacher to my music families! 

What Others Have Asked

What can I expect in lessons? How about after a year of lessons?

You can expect a professional, caring and nurturing environment for your child as they grow in their musical endeavours. I teach to each child’s strengths and weaknesses as well as personality to encourage your child to be the best they can be on their instrument. In the first year, you can expect that your child will learn posture and form at the piano; learn to listen to the sound they make; learn to take directions from both yourself and myself; learn concentration and focus; learn to enjoy making music both at home, here in the studio and with others in group lessons and recitals.


Do I need an acoustic piano for my child to take lessons?

The short answer is “yes”! 


Where can I find a piano and how much do they cost?

Good, used pianos are available on Kijiji and the Buy and Sell, as well as on the local Facebook auction sites for very affordable prices.  I am very happy to help you find a piano in your budget and offer advice and even go with you to see it­- just let me know! 


Yikes, I just don’t think I can spend that right now! Is there a  payment plan??

This is tuition, much like hockey, gymnastics, or private school, so yes, this can be divided up into a plan! Please see my studio options (here). 


What are the expectations for me as the piano parent? 

Glad you asked! I only see your child once a week for 30 minutes­ you are at home with them 24/7! Help your child find time daily for practise when they are not tired and free from distraction and noise. Sit down daily with your younger child and help them practise; sit down weekly with an older child and help them practise- encourage in a positive way and praise their efforts sincerely. 


What if my child loses interest in the piano?

That would be entirely normal and I would wonder if your child did NOT show disinterest at some point! What to do? Give me a heads up. Sooner than later­ BEFORE you are frustrated! We are a team and together we can brainstorm ways to help you at home to encourage and support your child at practise time. When I am aware of this at lessons, I can tailor the lesson to lend support for you as well. It is of great importance that a child learns “grit” and determination as well as persistence when things are tough. Together, we can help you both during this developmental stage and be the better for it for the good of your child! 


What if I’ve never had piano lessons myself?

I want to be able to know what is happening so I can help at home!

Learning the piano is something everyone can do. You are encouraged to come to lessons (required the first 2 to 3 years)  so that you can be your child’s home educator!


I don’t think I have time for this??

Piano practise is much like making your bed in the morning- you know it needs to be done, so you put the time in your day to do it! I coach my parents on various ways they can fit music into their family lifestyle, a choice that no one regrets having done ( I have NEVER heard an adult say, “I am so glad my parents let me quit piano lessons!”)! 

I'm here to help- drop me a line below if you have more questions!

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