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"I would teach children music, physics and philosophy; but most importantly music, for in the patterns of music and all the arts are the keys to learning." - Plato

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......... To bring music and enjoyment of music into the households of the families I teach and for each child to learn piano in a safe and caring environment, to the best of their individual abilities and develop a life-long enjoyment of music!


I teach because I truly enjoy teaching! I truly love music and making music, and working with each student as an individual.  Whether you have taken an instrument yourself or this is all new and you don't where to start- take heart! I do my best to support each family in their musical discoveries, and parents are always welcome in my studio


The Back story....
I grew up in a musical household and began formal piano lessons at the age of 6; I played clarinet in Junior High and High School band; sang in numerous choirs and ensembles growing up and began playing for church services at the age of 16. Upon High School graduation, I went on to earn a three year Diploma in Piano and Music in Fort Saint John, BC at a small private music school, studying and learning voice, cello, music theory, harmony, counterpoint, composition and music history and continuing learning and performing on the piano. I have completed the Royal Conservatory Teachers Written Exam with First Class Honours, studying piano pedagogy under the clinician Dr. Lillian Upright of Edmonton for a year; I also pursued training as a Suzuki Piano Teacher for four summers with Dr. Merlin B. Thompson of Calgary. In 2014 I completed teacher training in Calgary for Music Mind Games, the method taught in Suzuki group lessons. I am thrilled to have completed teacher training for Musikgarten, an early childhood education music program for toddlers and preschoolers and their families! I am a member of the BC Registered Music Teachers Association and I am thrilled to be a certified Advanced Specialist Piano Teacher with the Royal Conservatory-
read the blog post about me here!


Student Accomplishments
I have enjoyed many student accomplishments over the years, including students who consistently receive Honours or higher in both the local Nechako Valley Festival of the Performing Arts, Burns Lake Festival of the Performing Arts and Royal Conservatory exams; students in both piano and voice who are recommended to the BC Festival of the Performing Arts (Provincials) as competitors or Observers; I have also had students go on to university on piano scholarships; and one former student who even wrote and performed her own CD.

How do I stay on top of my skills?

​I love to play the piano, and I practise myself several times a week- I play for recitals, fundraisers, church, public gatherings, accompany choirs and voice students, even from other towns; and then I learn piano concerto’s with my older students, duets with my students, ensembles- you name it! I also enjoy arranging songs, especially at Christmas, for my students and their siblings, too! I am an active member of the Suzuki Association of the Americas;I am also the Royal Conservatory Centre representative for Vanderhoof; past President of the Nechako Valley Festival of the Performing Arts and head up the local music teachers group. I am  a member of the Prince George Music Teachers Association and subscribe to blogs by professional piano and voice teachers for inspiration and to keep up with learning - and was proud to be featured on a creative blog for Piano Teachers in the States for one of my original studio ideas! I attend, online, at least one pedagogical conference a year, usually through the USA or Australia. I have taught the piano for 29 years, and Suzuki  Piano for 14 years, in Vanderhoof, Smithers and Fort Saint John, BC. I also teach Music theory and Voice.

Anything else?
I love to be outside and I love to hike and go camping! I enjoy reading and puzzles- and practising piano, too. I have a grown son and daughter who also took piano lessons, so I am very well qualified to help you on your journey of music making! I keep very busy with volunteering and my business, but I love what I do!