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Who else wants to enjoy hearing their child making music at home 

and to feel a part of their child’s music-making success?

You’re a busy mom, wanting the best for your kids, yet there is so. much. choice. when it comes to activities you could join— -and only so many hours in a day! 


You know you want music lessons for your child, you’ve spent time reading up about the benefits of piano lessons or childhood music classes on your favourite mom blog, or talking to a girlfriend over coffee, or dreaming about those recitals and performances, but ...time. How to fit in the practising? What about getting a piano? What if your child dreads practise? Or worse- what if they don’t LIKE it...? 

Oh, you’re in just the right place, my friend!


That’s where I come in. 

I’m Swan Kiezebrink (Mrs. K to my students!), and  I teach Musikgarten classes and one-on-one piano lessons for toddlers to teens, whose parents want to be actively involved in the musical journey with their child as they grow up and want a holistic yet classically-rooted education!

I ‘m dedicated to teaching your child right where they’re at, at their own pace—  all while sprinkling in a little inspiration and a lot of parental support (bringing more peace onto the bench at home)!  With me, you’ll get a better understanding of how music works, without all the apprehension of not knowing whether your child is playing the right notes or doing what was assigned in lessons. Turn the anxiety of wondering if your child will like lessons into confidence, knowing you can help at home and be your child’s biggest cheerleader! 



With 34 years of experience teaching and a love of children, teens and music, I have a 3 year diploma in piano performance, theoretical subjects and piano pedagogy (the art of teaching piano). As a life-long learner, I have a few extra certifications in teaching Suzuki Piano, Musikgarten and an Advanced Piano Specialization through the Royal Conservatory of Music. I enjoy music conferences, both online and in-person, as well as teacher-oriented seminars, am a part of several international Facebook Piano Pedagogy groups and stay on top of the newest techniques and approaches to learning for children and teens. I love what I do! 


My students consistently do very well in exams and festivals and have gone to Provincials as Observers or even to compete. I was featured in the Royal Conservatory blog for my unique story and why I feel certifications are important (here); I was also featured on the Compose Create (USA) blog for one of my creative ideas for helping students to learn to listen, appreciate and constructively critique each others’ performances (here); and was interviewed by Upbeat Piano Teachers (USA) for a webinar package for busy piano teacher moms featuring how I raised my kids, homeschooled, taught lessons and still kept family first while doing what I love!

I can help you to help your child grow to enjoy playing piano as a means of self-expression, relaxation, and becoming someone who has an awareness and appreciation of the arts …


…  all while having meaningful relationships within the studio of like-minded families, encouraging each other on, on the journey called “Music”!

A few fun facts about me:

  • I actually didn’t care to practise piano much as a child (my mom has the stories!)- but with persistence on the part of my parents, that turned around as teen- I played as much as I could. I have lived the “piano kid” life, as have my own kids taking lessons, and me having to find the time to practise with them!


  • Beautiful music? Beautiful scenery? Beautiful architecture? Beautiful art? Count me in! 


  • I enjoy reading, learning new things, puzzles, taking walks and hiking- and practising piano!

  • At my very first recital as a child, my hands were shaking so badly, my teacher had to come up and sit with me.

  • I love my family- family comes first! 


What People are Saying

R. Gulbranson, mom, Vanderhoof

…...Some of my (5) boys’ favourite aspects in coming to Swan’s Music Studio was her welcoming and inviting nature, her positivity and encouragement, the sense of community she strives to establish among music families in her studio, and a knowledge that she truly cared about each of them.  My children absolutely loved her!!


I especially appreciated as a Mom how she sought an understanding of how each of my boys learned differently and then created tailor-made ideas to help them grow and progress in a way that suited them best.  I love that her approach to teaching is this sense of nothing being forgotten or left behind in a child’s learning!

Her studio differs from many others in how much she involves the parents, checks in with them, and provides training for parents to be a better support to their child at home. Not only did she teach my boys music, but through her teaching, through music, and by example, she also taught them the value of hard work, character, sensitivity, kindness, dedication, commitment, organization, and so much more.

C. Schlamp, teen student

Piano isn't always the most thrilling thing to practice, especially at the start, but as you begin to see improvement it's worth it! Thank you so much Mrs. Kiezebrink for teaching me and keeping me motivated! 

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