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Feel like it’s tough to find an activity to do with your child that you can feel good about? 


Wondering if you're doing enough to help your little one get the best start in life?

Feeling like you’d enjoy some time with your child, even just a little bit each week? 

Not sure your DIY music at home is good enough?

Life goes by too fast- you just want to make sure what you’re doing is worth it!

And- if you’re going to spend time and money- make it educational, too!

Now you can feel confident introducing your child to music- and spend that quality face-time, making music together!

Give yourself and your child an investment of life-long music-making and appreciation: A gift that never stops giving -an investment for life!​

Because many studies have shown the amazing and beneficial effects of music in early childhood development.

Introducing Musikgarten music classes for toddlers and preschool children, expertly researched and planned music curriculum with a trained and experienced teacher, so you can feel assured of quality music education, and positive about the time spent each week with your child in class!

What Musikgarten classes offer to you:


  • Age-appropriate curriculum researched and developed by early childhood and music educators so that your child can learn effortlessly through music and movement and be introduced to the joy of music.

  • Learning music together with their favourite grownup (mom, dad, grandma- you get the picture!), so you can both benefit from spending fun and educational quality time together.


  • Recordings and music books, so you can extend this learning experience at home and provide that much-needed bonding time away from class too!

  • In class we sing, dance, learn the basic song and rhythm patterns, play simple instruments- all this helps stimulate the developing brain in the pathways of higher intelligence, such as language, empathy and mathematical and pattern-recognizing skill- skills needed for life! 


Plus, you’ll also get:

  • Weekly emails, helping you understand the “why” behind various activities and songs.

  • Ample doses of smiles and giggles every week!

  • The absolute joy of watching your child begin to use their voice, or imitate a rhythmic pattern, or recognize the sound of a familiar song- these are priceless! 

  • The community of hanging out with like-minded families each week, cheering your children on together! 

  • The basic foundation for falling in love with music, reading readiness and soft skills such as empathy and listening skills.


And did someone say Bonuses? There's more!


  • To reregister for classes BEFORE the classes are open to the public.

  • As part of my studio, you’ll be able to get first dibs on available piano lesson times BEFORE I call the waitlist!

How does it work?


Choose the time that works best for you- see below!


Register here!


I will get back to you once I have you in the “system” and you’ll get a welcome email- then see you in class! 

What People Are Saying

My daughter, who is 3, loves her Musikgarten classes! She enjoys the combination of singing and movement, and being with the other children is a highlight for her each week! I appreciate that the studio atmosphere is one of respect, love and joy of making music, and that my daughter is met where she is at, and gently guided towards her potential. T. Friesen, mom


My favourite part of the class is watching my grandson (age 2) begin to take part in the class more and more- but most of all, we love being in class together! M. Hall, grandma


My daughter (2) loves coming to class and talks about it all week! Her favourite part is the bouncing songs on my knee! K Hall, mom 

Family Music, Ages 18 months to 5 years

There are 4 semesters, "My Day", "Animal Friends", "On a Trip" and "New Friends", for 2 years of music-making with their favourite grownup- you, daddy, grandma or nanny! Smiles and giggles are guaranteed!

You will receive a songbook, CD, and digital download so you and your child can delight in the music and activities at home! 


Fall/Winter 2023/24: "New Friends"

  • Classes available: Tuesdays, October 3- December 19; January 9 & 16, 12:45-1:15 pm

  •                               : Thursdays October 5- December 21, January 11 & 18, 12:45- 1:15 pm

  • Registration fee: $20

  • Tuition, 14 classes including materials, $395 *if you have these materials from previous siblings, $350


Winter/Spring 2024: "My Day"

  • Classes available: Tuesdays January 30- May 14,  12:45-1:15 pm

  •                                 Thursdays February 1 - May 16,  12:45- 1:15

  • Registration fee: $20

  • Tuition, 14 classes including materials, $395 * if you have these materials from previous siblings, $350





  Family Music, Preschool, ages 3.5 - 5 years old:

There are 2 semesters, "Wind Dancers" and "Sun Catchers", for a year of music-making with their favourite grownup! 

Enjoy exploring musical instruments, singing, listening games, creative movement and storytelling, all the while learning about our natural world! Expect to see developing language skills, listening and attention development and natural rhythm and love of music and singing in your child- while having a lot of fun with you and their new friends!

You will receive beautiful drawings, 2 CD's and digital recording in a small cloth bag so you can listen and do these activities at home with your child!


Fall/Winter 2023/24: Wind Dancers

  • Classes available: Wednesday evenings 6:45-7:15 pm October 4- December 20 (no classes October 25 or November 29) ; January 10-24

  • Registration fee $20

  • Tuition,  13 classes plus materials: $380 *if you have materials from previous siblings, $325

Winter/Spring 2024: Sun Catchers

  • Classes available: Thursday evenings February 1- May 16,  6:45- 7:15 pm

  • Registration: $20

  • Tuition, 14  classes, plus materials $405 *if you have materials from previous siblings, $350

And Just Who Am I? 
Swan Kiezebrink.JPG

Growing Musicians- step by step & note by note

Hi, I’m Swan Kiezebrink (Mrs. K to my families!), a mom and a grandma who loves music and loves children (teens too!). When you put the two together, mix in love of learning, 34 years experience teaching music and piano and add a dash of early childhood music training you get- Musikgarten classes! I did music classes with my kids too, so I know just how you feel as a mom, not knowing where to begin in the search for quality education for your child, but knowing that music together helps your child get off to a great start in their little lives! You’ve arrived at the right place, and I am so happy you’re here!

Here’s what others have asked!


What if I can’t sing? 

Not to worry, your little one has heard your voice their whole life, and LOVES it! You can do no wrong, so sing out- it’s healthy for both of you!


How many are in a class?

There are 5-6 in my classes- my studio is in my home, and that is a great number in the studio!


Do I need to work with my child at home too?

Yes, absolutely! Children learn through repetition, and not much gets old for them (think of that favourite story you read daily!) and listening to the songs daily will help develop their ear;  doing the activities together reinforces the spatial, rhythmic, social or motor skills being developed by that activity!


My child is a wiggler, so…..?

Then you are definitely in the right place! This curriculum is researched and developed for each age and stage and built right into each class is calming activities, impulse control activities and listening activities. As they get used to the class and you do these at home,  you will start to notice more participation and less acting out! We have all been there! 


I have more questions, how can I get in touch?

Please use the link to the policy page (here), or feel free to email using the contact form (here). I am happy to help! 

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