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Suzuki Books One & Two Milestones

Updated: Oct 13, 2019

Here are the foundational milestones I am working to develop and looking for in your child's musical journey!

1). Able to execute all 8 Twinkles with accuracy and finesse at a Twinkles Party at Group (complete with goodies and a certificate- about half way through Book One hands together!)

2). Able to play all of Book One hands together

3). Able to play all of Book One hands together with balanced hands, dynamics, phrasing, articulation (staccato/legato), great endings, soft thumbs and great posture and form

4). Starting the “Little” books for reading (around the time “Goodbye” is learned hands together)

5). Book One Graduation Recital- all of Book One performed by memory in one sitting with all the above demonstrated; official certificate from the SAA in Colorado, big party!

6). Independence in practise and learning to read the music being played- a process throughout all of Book Two

7). Completing a Royal Conservatory of Music Grade 2 or 3 exam

8). Book Two Graduation Recital- all the Book Two performed by memory (30 some odd pages) with appropriate touches, articulation, dynamics, phrasing, and musicality at a recital; a certificate and a big party!

After these milestones, a student should be able to read fluently and should be mostly independent in their practise at home. The parent will only be responsible in helping with time management (making sure practise is happening and that you know what is assigned so you can listen for it) and bringing the child to the lesson and keeping up good communication with me. I aim for this to be completed by ages 10- 12 or so, varies per child and family depending on practise time per week and length of practise as well as and child development. But that is the goal. Your child will also switch to the Royal Conservatory of Music as that is the recognized mode of musical achievement in Canada and the students can get high school credit and college entrance with these exams.

Enjoy the process and keep your eyes on the goal of developing a beautiful heart and character through learning the piano!

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