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Are you looking for creative, engaging and nurturing piano lessons for your child?

Growing Musicians- step by step & note by note

Welcome to my little corner in the world of music- come on in! 

Swan's Music Studio

I’m Swan, Musikgarten and piano teacher for toddlers to teens, who’s passionate about musical excellence, education, creativity AND supporting my wonderful families and their children in this musical journey we’re on together! 

Do you....?

  • Dream about what it would be like to sit criss-cross-applesauce with your little one in a music class, making music together and getting in that quality time too (babies are welcome to come along!)? 

  • Imagine a day when your child takes a bow after playing effortlessly for a local community event or family get-togethers around the piano?

  • See yourself sitting in the piano lesson, notebook at the ready, a drink from the local coffee shop in hand, while your child has their lesson- AND you get coached how to help at home?

  • Appreciate the value that investing in music in your child’s life brings to their character and scholastic abilities? 

music lessons Vanderhoof.jpg
Then you're in the right place! 

Forget boring, old-school or unorganized music lessons–

 I bring organization, creativity and the love and joy of learning 

to your child’s piano lesson!

What People Are Saying

K. Schlamp, mom, Vanderhoof

Swan has taught my 3 children piano though the course of the last nine years. I have been very happy with the well-balanced musical education they have received. I would highly recommend Swan's Music Studio to anyone who wants quality instruction while learning to enjoy making music! 

J. H. senior student, Vanderhoof

Thanks to Swan, music is a very important part of my life and it helps me through the challenging days. Thanks for being understanding and helped me gain confidence in expressing myself!

S. Watson, mom, Telkwa

Swan is remarkably clear and organized about her policies and expectations while remaining flexible and accommodating to  both students and parents. She goes to great lengths to engage students in their learning and always provides encouraging feedback and a variety of reward systems to keep her students motivated.

The Studio

Swan Kiezebrink, BCRMT, Advanced RCM  Piano, Suzuki Piano and theory

Piano lessons, group and theory classes ages 6 and up! Chording,  improvisation and composition included in lessons.



Classes will move online, if needed!

Music for families! Ages 18 months to age 3 (toddlers) and ages 3-5 (preschool) with the caregiver, weekly music group classes! Ongoing enrolment! 

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